Support and service

Equally with production and necessary accessories (tools, equipment) we offer the individual problem-solving to our customers by the forth of the official service of our Company.

Professionally qualified specialists of our Company professionally and on-the-fly solves the set tasks at the local level. The high level of the competence is a part of the Company’s culture from one hand and a base of long-term relations with consumers of «Rema Tip-Top» production from another hand.

Our specialists are ready to render services on the following directions:


Service of a conveyor transporter

  • joining, maintenance of a conveyer belt
  • repair of longitudinal cuts
  • gumming of drums of belt conveyors
  • rubber coatings of conveyer rollers (bearing rollers etc.)
  • cushioning materials
  • cleaning systems of belts
  • constructive elements from rubber of special type
  • dust-protective systems


Protection against wear and picking up

A broad assortment of the first class materials against wear and pecking up proposed by us is the guarantee that our specialists could work out the optimal solution for your equipment and to realize the most effective methods of application. we can propose you the optimal decision for any field of application from our broad portfolio.


Antiknock protection

  • Vulcanized and non-vulcanized refractory-lined materials for soft gum
  • Lining from hard gum
  • Polyurethane lining coatings
  • Polycarbamide coatings
  • Coatings with flocculent filling agents
Video fragments of our Company specialists during process of working
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